Delhi: The Hub of Luxury Homes

Best Luxury Homes in Delhi

Housing has obviously become a big demand as the 21st century has progressed. The rising demand for luxury houses, however, was not immediately apparent. The pandemic that kept us all confined to our homes for over two years is to blame for the rise in demand for luxury houses.

More and more people are now looking to buy homes, especially in areas with a variety of nearby facilities. The practice of moving throughout the city to do duties is gradually losing favour. We're returning to communal living, where entire neighbourhoods coexist as one big family.

This trend was quickly embraced by real estate developers, and as a result, the market has seen the emergence of numerous themed real estate developments. Senior Living Homes, Kid Centric Homes, and Comfort Homes are all examples of themed projects that provide a variety of facilities on one side and, as a result, encourage community living.

Delhi has been developed as an industrial and IT hub in recent years. Thanks to the efforts of the government, Delhi is the fastest-growing metro city in the country.

 Here’s why more and more people are preferring it as a favourite city for luxury housing in Delhi– 

  • Tourism –

Goes without saying, tourism is an added benefit when you buy a luxury house in Delhi. Living in such a city means exposure to tourists and tourist sites which can be great weekend getaways. Moreover, the tourism industry has a lot of job opportunities as well, which can be explored well if you live in the city.


  • Smart City –

Delhi is one of the selected 10 cities that are to be developed under the Smart City Mission. Be it the installation of CCTVs across the city or be it automated traffic signals – everything is being developed under the smart city mission. Waste management, transport, etc. are also being done in an eco-friendly manner to further reduce the pollution and preserve the cultural beauty of the pink city.

  • Connectivity –

Intercity and intracity transport play a major role in any city’s development. Delhi is well connected with the national capital Delhi and is just a 3-4 hours drive from there. Moreover, the intracity transport via Delhi Metro and Bus Rapid Transit Service is making it easy for the residents to commute.

  • IT Hub –

Delhi is an IT hub and is home to some prominent start-ups like – Google, CarDekho, Microsoft, ApnaGodam, etc. Many IT companies and MNCs have set up their offices in the city, which in turn has opened a lot of job opportunities for people.

  • Medical Facilities –

No development is complete without healthcare. Delhi is home to many prominent hospitals. The Delhi government has also set up Community Health Centres in many prominent areas of the city.

Many real estate builders have set up their housing projects in the city. Khatu Shyam Builders has been developing real estate in Delhi since 2007. From the time of our commencement, our goal has been to provide affordable luxury for all. We do not believe that luxury comes at a cost. We believe that luxurious amenities can be provided at normal housing rates in community housing.

Our Comfort Homes in Delhi are the best in class and come with numerous facilities like a gymnasium, clubhouse, swimming pool, walking, and jogging tracks, badminton court, table tennis, billiards, community halls, etc.