2 BHK (Commercial and Residential)

2 BHK flat in Delhi

A 2 BHK means that the unit has two bedrooms, one a standard-sized master bedroom, and a second smaller room. Along with this, there is a hall space, kitchen, and bathrooms that may be attached to the rooms. These 2 BHK apartment units are becoming increasingly popular. Since individuals and families are now working from home and need the extra space, 2 BHK flats in Delhi are a smart choice. 

Most homebuyers opt for smaller units, because of budget constraints or investment preferences. Khatu Shyam Builders is a renowned company in Delhi, we have been offering 2 BHK flats for a very long. Khatu Shyam Builders have been selling 2 BHK apartments faster in the market because these are relatively affordable as compared to 3 BHKs.